Commercial & Residential Tree Service

Tree Removal


Difficult locations and oversized trees are not a problem for the expert technicians at Liss Tree Service.

For everything from a single tree removal to full lot clearing, we provide you with the highest quality service and ensure our results.

 Don't pay more for another company; request a service for tree removal or land clearing from Liss Tree Service


Obvious reasons to remove a tree

Don't wait for advanced decay to threaten the stability of trees in your yard. Have our professionals remove them to give you peace of mind during inclement weather, and save you a more costly removal in the future.

We ensure you have a flawless-looking yard with our stump removal services. Our team uses a grinder to reduce the stump to a coarse sawdust below ground level, then refills the holes and reseeds the topsoil to level the area. In most cases, stump removals are handled as separate work orders from tree removals. (basic stump removal consist of the stump being ground and no clean up and no back fill or reseeding)


Not so obvious reasons to remove a tree

Have us inspect your tree for


• Structural problems

• Bad crotches

• Cracks to the main trunk or main leaders

• Tree is just too big for the location and poses challenges to safety if it falls or drops branches

• New construction—tree will either be mortally damaged by equipment, or is in the way of construction

• Major diseases or insect infestation that will kill the tree soon, or spread to other trees

• Interior decay

• Leaning in the wrong direction-sometimes obvious, sometimes not so obvious!

• Crowding among trees on your property –prioritize which trees are healthiest and worth keeping.

Storm damage, caused by high winds and poor tree condition. (removing this up rooted dead elm tree that was over hanging eight feet fense)

Removing large tree close to a house.

This dead tree was in really poor condition and needed to be removed asap. 

Are tree removal cost are competitive and are services are excellent. Contact us in New London, OH in (419) 577-5069 for our tree cutting services and tree removal cost.