Obvious reasons to remove a tree

• The tree is dead

• Declining health—the branches or top of tree is dying back, there are large dead branches, or you notice there is decay on the main trunk.

• Major storm damage—a significant portion of the tree is damaged and the tree is beyond repair.

• Tree is too close to the house or other buildings, utility lines, play structures, pool, etc..

• The tree is leaning towards an obvious target, such as your house, your driveway where you park, your patio, pool, the general area where your children play, etc…

• It’s a nuisance—dropping seeds, sap, branches, and blocking views and light and inhibiting the lawn you want to grow. Roots also may interfere with the lawn you want to grow.Roots pose a serious threat to foundations, driveways, sidewalk and underground utilities

• View clearing

• Major landscape renovations which would either damage trees, or because the tree has worn out it’s welcome and it’s time for a more appropriate planting.


Not so obvious reasons to remove a tree


Have us inspect your tree for:

• Structural problems

• Bad crotches

• Cracks to the main trunk or main leaders

• Tree is just too big for the location and poses challenges to safety if it falls or drops branches

• New construction—tree will either be mortally damaged by equipment, or is in the way of construction

• Major diseases or insect infestation that will kill the tree soon, or spread to other trees

• Interior decay

• Leaning in the wrong direction-sometimes obvious, sometimes not so obvious!

• Crowding among trees on your property –prioritize which trees are healthiest and worth keeping.

Hazard dying tree that was close to this barn needed to
be removed.


Hazard Tree Evaluations

Receive our professional opinion on the health of individual trees in your yard with hazard tree evaluations. Liss Tree Service can help you develop a strategy for future tree care and costs to eliminate surprises.


With an evaluation, we give you an estimate for any trees that require immediate removal as well as those that would benefit from pruning, cabling, or bracing. We have compared our rates to those of other licensed and insured companies in the area, and found ours to be less expensive every time.

However, our estimates do have expirations, because the longer your tree decays the less stable it becomes, and the more expensive it will be to remove it. Prevent higher costs by calling us at (419-577-5069)as soon as you notice any of the following symptoms:


• Die-Back • Deadwood • Fallen Limbs • Decay on the Trunk

Tips for Saving

When considering buying a home, have the trees inspected. Tree care costs could be used when negotiating the price of the house.

Request that our team leave the wood for you to clean up. If you are willing to cut it up yourself, you could save a few hundred dollars in service fees, and not have to purchase firewood this winter.

Budget money for tree maintenance, and invest in pruning to save you the cost of a more expensive removal.

Combine services into one visit. Obviously there is not a high fee for the removal of a tiny tree, but there is a minimum charge every time our team comes to your property.

Be discerning when choosing your tree care company. While you don't want to pay higher fees, you also don't want a company that may leave your yard a mess or damage your property with unprofessional service.

Additionally, you should always contact your homeowners association, because some require you to be granted permission for the removal of
mature trees.

Ensure the safety of your property with our affordable tree services, land clearing and stump removal service in New London, Ohio. Contact (419) 577-5069 to set an appointment today!