Commercial & Residential Tree Service



Remember don't trust your trees to just anyone. Improper pruning techniques can cause trees to become unsafe and unhealthy.

Improve the health of your yard with tree trimming and pruning from Liss Tree Service Our specialists promote your trees' vigor and improve their structural stability by pruning them to reduce the crossing and rubbing of branches.

Benefits of Pruning

Not only does maintaining your trees prevent them from
interfering with electrical wires or falling on your roof –
it provides a multitude of benefits to your home and yard.
A properly pruned shade tree allows more sunlight
penetration, and dries much quicker after rain, making
it less susceptible to insect attacks and fungal diseases.

A tree that is not pruned, however, could cause damage
to your home by preventing your roof from drying well
after wet weather. Untamed trees are also much more
vulnerable to damage during strong winds, as they don't
allow much air flow through the branches. Additionally,
squirrels or other animals may use the long limbs to
access your attic.

Directional Pruning

If you have a tree that is interfering with power lines, we give you the clearance you need with directional pruning. This method preserves the beauty of your trees, because we only
prune the branches growing toward conductor.

• Safety Pruning
• Thinning
• Elevating Canopy
• Crown Deadwood Removal • Crown Reduction


Take care of any power line interference by having your
trees professionally pruned.

We follow the regulations for proper trimming and pruning techniques established by the American
National Standards Institute™.

This Industrial Chipper makes a much
faster and eaiser clean up.


Affordable Tree Care

In addition to offering the lowest competitive prices in the New London area, we tell you ways you can save even more. Read our tips for managing your tree care service costs.

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